The best of our 2021

February – First customers

In February we welcomed our first customers. We reached the first partnership agreements in which we not only offered infrastructure rental and access to our #ftth footprint, but also actively supported the commercialization of our customers with a tailor-made value proposition.
With the arrival of the first local, regional and national operators to our network, we reinforced our commitment to opening broadband access to the market in a flexible way, while guaranteeing the best quality standards over the fiber optic network.

April – Expanding our footprint

In April we doubled in size and expanded our footprint to more than two million homes nationwide, helping to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas and providing a fast and flexible access model for local and regional operators. We acquired a majority stake in a wholesale fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network covering nearly 1.1 million homes, expanding our reach in more than 1,000 municipalities with less than 25,000 inhabitants.

July – First face-to-face events

In July we participated in the Digitales Live Digital Summit where we talked about digital transformation, focusing on the value of infrastructures as a fundamental tool for recovery. It was a meeting in which we coincided with the main CEOs of the leading companies in the sector, as well as members of the Government and public institutions. The event had an impact of more than 180 press releases, 12 thousand streaming connections and 54 million impressions on social networks.

September – Strategic Conferences

In September we participated in one of the workshops of the Virtual Conference 2021 organized by the FTTH Council of which we are members. Together with Macquarie Group, Open Fiber and SIRO we talked about the advantages of wholesale fiber models and the important role they play in achieving the connectivity goals set by Compass 2030.

October/November – Technology fairs

The last quarter of the year showed us the desire we all had to share and present our products and innovations in person.
We were at Aotec, Malaga, a fair where we made our debut as exhibitors and spent two days full of activity and business contacts. Then came Acutel, a strategic technology fair, where we gained a deep knowledge of the sector.

December -1st Meeting with local operators

In December we had the opportunity to close the year in the best possible way. We organized together with Feceminte the 1st meeting of operators in Catalonia, a strategic area for Onivia with service in 168 Catalan municipalities, where we shared vision and best practices with more than 30 local operators in what we hope will be the first edition of many other conferences.

2021 has been a year full of challenges, in which we have grown in team, product and customers, and we hope that this 2022 will be a vehicle for many more challenges to overcome in order to continue growing with our customers.

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