Mobile service

Fiber + Mobile with
advantages for everyone

Available at Impulsa Bitstream

Fiber and mobile on the same platform with an attractive offer for customers, optimizing time, effort and resources.

Advantages for
operator and customer

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  • Operator

    Better pay, higher profit

    Increase your revenues and profits with the right balance between rate and remuneration.

  • Operator

    Exclusive customer management

    Optimize your resources without having to negotiate with mobile operators.

  • Operator

    All managed from a single platform

    It provides both services, fiber and mobile, from a single platform in a simple way.

  • Customer

    Convergent offer with competitive prices

    Sell with the best price conditions for you and your end-customers.

  • Customer

    A single provider for all services

    Build customer loyalty with personalized attention and unified service.

  • Customer

    Unified customer service

    Offer your customers a single point of contact for all telco services.

More associated services


Point-to-point connectivity between the Onivia traffic delivery interconnection point and the most common points of presence nationwide. Traffic management with  direct Internet connectivity.

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Aimed at operators who do not have their own technician teams in Onivia’s network areas to perform the fiber installation at the customer’s home.

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Are you an operator or ISP?

If you are interested in providing broadband services through the Onivia network, please contact us for more information.

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