Onivia trust Optare Solutions as strategic IT partner

This agreement is the beginning of a strategic alliance, born from a shared compromise and vision, that will bring new business opportunities and growth to both companies.


Onivia and the IT consulting company Optare Solutions, have reached a strategic agreement through which the wholesale operator is tackling the implementation of its operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS), intending to have optimal processes and wide scalability of the systems securely and efficiently, which will allow it to approach new markets and incorporate new layers of services by participating very actively in the flexibilization of broadband access in the Spanish market.

In the search for the most suitable company to provide these services, Onivia has prioritized, among its hiring conditions, the specialization in the sector and the previous experience in the definition of agile processes and the deployment of OSS platforms, both key to support the expected growth in clients and available footprint.

Onivia’s CEO, José Antonio Vázquez, disclosed “we have been searching for a partner who offers us technological solvency to adapt us to the standards and demands of the sector, and who, at the same time, has extensive experience working in the field of telecommunications. For these reasons, we have chosen Optare Solutions, a reference company in consultancy for the telecommunications sector. Their extensive knowledge of the Spanish fiber market and wholesale processes was a  key factor in our decision.

Luis Alves, General Manager of Optare Solutions, explains that “Onivia’s project is key to the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Spain. It is a real challenge for the whole team, which we have taken on thanks to our experience gained from working with major clients in the sector over the last 18 years, and we are eager to collaborate on an exciting project aimed at boosting the growth of Telecommunications”.  He also highlighted “the flexibility and agility with which the project launch process was carried out, as well as the closeness and trust that has been generated within the team”.

About Optare Solutions

Optare Solutions has over eighteen years of experience serving some of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With over 130 employees and a national and international presence, Optare Solutions is one of the most relevant IT consulting firms in the telecommunications sector, providing consulting, integration and development services for OSS/BSS systems.


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