Meet our investors – Arjun Infrastructure Partners

Arjun Infrastructure Partners is an independent asset management company dedicated to executing and managing mid-market infrastructure investments.

Founded in 2015, Arjun now manages €4 billion of capital on behalf of 20 prominent institutional investors.

Arjun’s team of 28 professionals and a further 8 industry partners has extensive operational and financial experience in the utilities, energy & renewables, digital, and transportation infrastructure sectors. They offer a proven ability to source bilateral investment opportunities and have a strong focus on ESG as part of their long-term, responsible asset management approach.

Arjun works in close partnership with its clients, offering transparency throughout the investment lifecycle. and providing customized solutions which enable their clients to achieve their specific investment objectives. This Partnership approach allows the Arjun team to closely work with investors’ infrastructure teams and is driven by four key principles :

  • Remain focused on investment scope agreed with investor partners
  • Implement operational asset management plans focussed on long-term value preservation and enhancement
  • Incorporate best practice ESG approaches at all stages of the investment lifecycle
  • Maintain strong alignment of interest and transparent dialogue with clients


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