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Onivia network advantages

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  • No upfront investments

    No upfront investments, access the full Onivia footprint in record time.

  • The best offerings

    Create the best offerings for your end-customers based on Tier 1 quality of service.

  • Ultra-fast speeds

    Anticipate their connection needs with ultra-fast speeds.

  • The best experience

    Deliver the best experience for your customers in provisioning and installation.

And also...

Commercial support in your business plan through the development of customized marketing plans.

  • Strategy and planning by areas
  • Demographic footprint analysis
  • Boost in customer acquisition

How to join the Onivia network

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Check the coverage

Enter your postcode and check if your location is covered by our network.

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Discover our offer

Flexible, fast Bitstream access model with no upfront investment. Layer 3 traffic delivery with end-users identification by DHCP and connection to our platform through API or web portal.

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Fill in the documents

Our offer establishes the terms and conditions of cooperation depending on your interest in our wholesale services.

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