Our Head of Markets and Products discusses our business model

On 28 May, our market manager talked about the steps the company has taken in recent months and the future of regional and local operators for Redes&Telecom.

As you know, Onivia was born from the purchase by our shareholders of an FTTH network with access to nearly one million homes. 2020 was the year in which all the gears were finalised and it is now in 2021 that we can focus on expanding our footprint and business development.

Do you know why Onivia defines itself as the first independent and neutral telecommunications operator?

Our target customers are all operators and internet service providers and we have built specific offers for them. We are independent because we are a pure wholesale operator that does not go to the end customer and does not have a portfolio of customers to protect and that makes us more flexible and attractive in price. In addition, what really makes our business model different is the commercial support we offer our customers. We want them to grow and we want to help them in this process.

Our urban network fits perfectly with operators that target residential customers, in metropolitan areas and for a medium-sized audience. But did you know that we have acquired a majority stake from MásMóvil in a rural fibre network of more than 1 million homes?

Our aim is to strengthen the links between people and, with the purchase of a network serving rural areas and small municipalities of less than 25,000 and even less than 10,000 inhabitants, we will contribute to closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

One of our priorities is a connectivity-empty Spain, but we also know that there are blind spots in the cities. That is why every month we are densifying our footprint to fill those gaps in the big cities. We can say then that our growth is taking two directions: densification in the cities and expansion in coverage at the national level.

In addition, we are aware of the difficulties in some areas due to their orography, where fibre cannot reach. What is the alternative that we propose? We see possible synergies between 5G and fibre deployments, to have a combined offer.

And how do we want to serve local and regional operators? We recently launched Impulsa BitStream, a fast, flexible access model that requires no upfront capex investment, so we can serve their end customers. We aggregate traffic so that the delivery point is unique.

Spain is in the top 3 in Europe in terms of FTTH/B penetration, this means that coverage levels are very high, now what we need to do is to fill the network and increase efficiency. The technology will evolve to XGSPON, from the symmetrical gigabit we know now to 10 gigabits. That is why future networks must be XGSPON-ready.

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