Our first quarter

This 2022 we have started the year with a lot of energy. Tour of some communities in the territory, reunions in one of the most anticipated major events in the sector, commercial launch of our footprint beyond urban areas throughout the country…
These were our milestones during this first quarter, here is a brief summary:

  • We have been on tour with Alea Solutions: We accompanied Alea in the third edition of Jornadas para operadores that took place in five Spanish cities (Alicante, Malaga, Castelldefels, Ponferrada and La Rioja) during the months of February and March. There we had the opportunity to present our wholesale service model.
  •  We started the commercialization of our rural footprint: Through our Impulsa service it is already possible to access more than a thousand municipalities in Spain contributing to the closing of the digital gap between urban and rural areas.
  • We have been invited to participate in the XVIII Business Strategy Seminar of the URJC: Our CEO, Jose Antonio Vazquez, participated in the high-level seminar organized by the URJC aimed at students studying Strategy in any of the degrees.
  •  We attended as guests at MWC2022: On March 1st we were able to attend the event that brings together all industry players. It was a busy day where we were able to see some of the latest technological innovations for FTTH.
  •  We welcomed Byfi as a new operator in our Onivia footprint.
  •  In February and March we expanded our delivery options in neutral nodes with the opening in BitNAP Data Center and Nixval, of our Impulsa bitstream service. Our goal is to get closer to local operators by providing them with a proximity interconnection.
  • We have welcomed Arjun Infrastructure Partners as a new long-term partner to support our growth and consolidation as the first neutral and independent network operator in Spain.
  • And, in addition: We have welcomed two new team members!


Thank you for following us, we will be telling you all the news of our activity this spring, as we have many new developments coming up. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, click here.

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