Do you know what is the perfect formula to attract and retain your customers?

Maybe there is a widespread similarity in most of the messages we send to our clients or maybe we are not really talking directly to them. Maider Tomasena, CEO of Fluo agency and Copywriting School, spoke to us about all this at the first Give & Take event open to all operators.

On September 29th we organized, together with Nae and Interxion, a collaborative workshop in which we shared ideas on how to improve customer acquisition and loyalty in the telco sector.

The meeting was mainly aimed at small local operators, with the objective of offering space and tools to learn about the main challenges they face when differentiating themselves from larger operators, whether in service, price or customer loyalty.

We started with the three keys that a message must have when communicating; “How to stand out when we all say the same thing”. The importance of the tone of voice and being faithful to the brand personality, knowing your customer, and what value you bring.

With the dynamics of the fishbowl we share challenges and generate conversations between the different operators about success stories and experiences when they have to face the attraction of their potential clients and obtain their loyalty.

In addition, we exchanged ideas and demanded resources from the rest of the operators to face each of the challenges.

Finally, we closed the event with a visit to the Interxion MAD 3 Data Center, where we had the great opportunity to see what a data center is like from the inside and all the elements that make up a specialized site like this one.

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