We make progress possible in this new era, strengthening the bonds between people.

First neutral and independent wholesale bitstream operator in metropolitan areas in Spain




gigabit speed

979k premises

passed in urban areas

2.900 km

fibre laid



We are a neutral and independent telecom operator that wholesales bitstream services in the main Spanish cities and their metropolitan areas.

We are a wholesale-only operator solely investing in new high-speed access fibre networks for the benefit of all service providers. Macquarie Capital, as sponsor and lead equity investor, and, Aberdeen Standard Investments and Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co. Ltd., as co-investors are behind this project to operate a network of almost 1 million fibre home units.

Our purpose

We make progress possible in this new era, strengthening the bonds between people and things.

We exist for people. We are a team of fibre experts and specialists who value a human-centric approach, openness and constant improvement. We are motivated by connecting people and things, and turning their ideas and innovation into celebration, progress, improvement and growth.
We facilitate the growth of telecommunications operators through a solid and competitive FTTH infrastructure provided by a team of upstanding and expert people who adapt to the customer and their needs.
We are Growth Enablers: We arm our clients with the tools, team and attitude necessary to transform their growth potential. We adapt to the needs and nuances of our customers, to their pace and their objectives. The word “growth” has the flexibility to take on a unique meaning for every project or individual.

We are Onivia

Our brand is who we are.

We make possible progress in this new era by strengthening the bonds between people.

We value proximity, agility, flexibility, transparency, trust, reason, emotion, technology, humanity, quality, service, momentum and understanding.

We are Growth Enablers. We are Onivia.

Somos Onivia
Our investors

Onivia is based in Madrid and is jointly participate by Macquarie Capital, as the principal shareholder, alongside Aberdeen Standard Investments and Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co. Ltd. as co-investors.

Meet our investors

Marieta del Rivero, Chairperson of Onivia

Marieta del Rivero, with more than 25 years of experience in the telecom sector, joins Onivia, presiding the company that reaches the Spanish market to contribute to the growth and flexibility of the sector.

Meet our Chairperson


We are

Proximity. Agility. Flexibility. Transparency. Trust. Reason.Emotion. Technology. Humanity. Quality. Service. Momentum. Understanding.

Organisational chart

Have a coffee with the team

Jose Antonio Vázquez Blanco - Onivia

Jose Antonio Vázquez Blanco

Chief Executive Officer

Ensuring that everything in Onivia supports our clients in executing their strategy, controlling costs and deepening their relationships with residential and business clients.

We are bringing the Spanish market a disruptive telecom proposal, an independent fibre operator that will create growth opportunities for traditional telecoms players and new partners coming from other ecosystems, interested in having access to a secure, flexible and first quality broadband proposal.
Icíar Martínez Núñez - Onivia

Icíar Martínez Núñez

Markets & Product Director

Analysis, detection and development of strategic partnership programs and alliances. Definition and implementation of Product strategy.

I love the energy of the company and the people I work with. Onivia's forward-thinking ideas makes people and things in Spain better connected. It is great to work for a company that is doing something differently to how it has been done before.
Francisco Belmonte Torrado - Onivia

Francisco Belmonte Torrado

Finance Director

Economic - Financial analysis for business decision making. Annual Accounts and reporting.

Onivia is born and all its employees are reborn a little with it with renewed energy. Designing everything from the beginning. Seeking excellence and simplicity in everything we do. Everything will be as we want it to be. Exciting!"
Laura Parra García - Onivia

Laura Parra García

Network and Systems Director

Building and successfully operate Network, IT, service delivery and service management.

For me, it's a challenge making the best technology decisions and keep the commercial interests of Onivia and our customers balanced
Rafael Merino Sanz - Onivia

Rafael Merino Sanz

Network Manager

Network Management, Optimization and Evolution

At Onivia, we work to offer our customers a quality and forward-looking network that allows them to achieve their commercial success more quickly and sustainably.


We facilitate ISPs to offer great services to end users, ensuring a highly competitive price point to providing simple interfaces.

Bitstream FTTH Access

Wholesale access service to our FTTH network

A wholesale access service to our FTTH network with the possibility of including the backhaul with the option of delivery at neutral nodes and O&M service. We offer capacity to internet service providers that look for providing broadband access to residential and business end-users.

Main features of the service:
  • Layer 2 Ethernet packet-based wholesale network service
  • GPON point-to-multipoint connectivity service available
  • Symmetrical bandwidth speeds up to 1.24 Gbps
  • Multiple OLT service profiles for different bandwidth and QoS.
  • Pre-configured QoS priorities for traffic
  • Modern-built network with backhaul diversity from city to Internet exchanges
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Our network

We invest in fiber networks at high speed for the benefit of all internet service providers contributing to the deployment of new networks and providing innovative services.


Cities with coverage
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979k premises

passed in urban areas

2.900 km

fibre laid



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Cerro de los Gamos 1, edificio Loom [1] 28224 - Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

Email: info@onivia.net
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